Extreme Noise Records

This metal-studded collective gives dedicated listeners a safe haven from stores that think Fall Out Boy is "punk." Inside you'll find a dizzying collection of rare, new, local, and obscure punk rock of all stripes. Looking for the latest noise from Japan? You'll find vinyl copies of Gauze's latest album. Need to check out some Swedish crust from the 1990s? Norwegian black metal? American straight-edge from the 1980s? Rare '77 punk? It's all here. Extreme Noise also stocks plenty of local music and tons of vinyl, both 12-inch LPs and plenty from the still-vibrant 7-inch scene. If you don't know about the music, the hand-lettered cards included with each release will give you clues about what's inside (if the black-and-white cover of a mushroom cloud with skeletal figures in the foreground didn't give it away). Rarities and obscurities also end up in the shop. We're not just talking original 7-inchers by Crass or rare power-violence punk releases, but long-lost examples of local punk. Recently, there were even copies of both EPs by Baldie standard-bearers Blind Approach. Punk's history, as it happened in the pages of photocopied zines and in the grooves of records pressed in just a few hundred copies, is easy to lose. Extreme Noise keeps that history alive.

Location Details

407 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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