We once read somewhere that 87 percent of women want a man who appreciates the outdoors, and that 93 percent of ladies find a man's ability to protect them from harm to be "hot." For a fellow planning a first date, these figures point to one destination: the Lake Elmo Park Reserve. The five-mile trek around Eagle Point Lake (give or take a mile, depending on your route), is full of nature waiting to be seen and enjoyed: stands of oaks dotting the prairie, soggy marsh grass to slog through, and a healthy population of white-tailed deer scampering gaily about here and there. And danger? For someone unaware that the park borders the Oakdale Gun Club, the loud and incessant gunfire will likely seem menacing. As you proceed around the lake and the shots get louder, play the hand you've dealt yourself: Look your date squarely in the eyes, and in a steady, serious voice, promise that, no matter what, you'll get her to safety. Continue to walk calmly around the lake, then proceed to your vehicle in the parking lot. Once back in the exurban sprawl surrounding the preserve, you'll have no trouble finding a room.

Location Details

1515 Keats Ave.
Lake Elmo MN 55042


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