Sure, the new Guthrie Theater's edifice may be a bit imposing, the interior a tad too dark, and the HAL-like voice that welcomes you to the theater more than a bit unnerving, but that's forgotten once you step outside onto the theater complex's signature "Endless Bridge." On warm evenings, it's packed with well-dressed theatergoers taking in a view of the Minneapolis riverfront. From here you can see far to the west and east, taking in not only the grand sweep of the Mississippi River but also the ways the river has been used by different generations. Often, Minneapolis's history gets hidden behind skyscrapers or lost under condo developments. Here, however, you can witness a panorama of historical landmarks, mill ruins, grain silos, and the remnants of the blue-collar industries that built this city. You can also take in examples of Minneapolis's often graceful architecture, and (in the right season, of course) the lush green that helps define the Twin Cities.

Location Details

818 S. 2nd St.
Minneapolis MN 55415


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