The martini is probably the most iconic cocktail on any drink menu, and even for people who can hold their liquor, it's not for those with a weak stomach or liver. Like a quality scotch, a martini is made to be sipped, and part of its charm is that you'll look classy drinking it. But unlike scotch or a fine wine, a good martini is only part quality ingredients; the other half relies on the skills of the bartender. It's probably not a shocker that St. Petersburg Restaurant and Vodka Bar serves up an excellent vodka martini. No frou-frou mixers, whipped toppings, or fancy umbrellas mucking things up—this martini tastes like a martini should: ice-cold, pure vodka, a mist of vermouth, with three fat, speared olives for snacking between sips. Never been to Robbinsdale? It's only five minutes from downtown Minneapolis, so you're barely in the 'burbs.

Location Details

3610 France Ave. N.
Robbinsdale MN 55422


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