The origins of the margarita are hazy at best. Some say it was invented in Galveston in 1948 for Peggy Lee; others contend that Margaret Sames made up the cocktail in Acapulco. There's a bit of disagreement as to how the drink ought be made as well, from debates about rim salt to the proper ratio of ingredients. The International Bartenders Association specifies seven parts tequila, four parts Triple Sec, and three parts lime juice. We're not sure the family-owned and -operated Salsa a la Salsa adheres to those exact specifications, but there's little doubt that this margarita, with its generous dusting of slightly sweetened salt around the rim, perfectly blends the three margarita flavors (salty, sweet, and sour) into a concoction powerful with both intoxicating properties and sapidity.

Location Details

1420 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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