Fillmore Avenue, St. Paul

A step-by-step guide to locking lips on your next date:

1) Take your date someplace nice for dinner and/or other entertainment. Compliment him/her frequently.

2) After the last stop on the date, tell him/her that you would like to show him/her something special.

3) Get in your car. Put on enjoyable music, or Barry White.

4) Take 94 east. Get off at the Fifth Street exit. Stay on Fifth, take a right on Robert, and cross over the river. Assure your date you aren't taking him/her to a sleazy place. Turn right on Fillmore Avenue East. Drive about a block. Pull over.

5) Direct your date's attention to the sweeping, uninterrupted view of the lit-up St. Paul skyline.

6) Say the following while looking into your date's eyes: "Isn't it beautiful? The city looks so calm from here. I feel safe here, like it's my little corner of the universe and nobody knows about it but me. you. Anyway, it's dumb, but I thought you'd want to see it."

7) Wait for your date's eyes to water or for some other display showing that he/she appreciates it.

8) Make your move.


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