Diablo Cody

Diablo Cody would've easily earned her second consecutive BLGMG even minus the Juno Oscar...or any of the other awards and nominations her debut screenplay accumulated. The former City Pages blogger and Robbinsdale resident simply has too much momentum for us—or anyone else in America—to ignore. "But what has she done since?" you ask? How about scripting the pilot for Dreamworks-produced comedy The United States of Tara, about a mom with associative identity disorder? Or—shot in Vancouver and already in the can—her second collaboration with Jason Reitman, horror film Jennifer's Body? Now based in Los Angeles, blogging on her wisecrack-enhanced MySpace page (sample quote: "I also think Jason Reitman is a decent director, but he parties about as well as my mom"), Cody stands as a shining example of where a powerful imagination can take a person in a few short years.


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