In a couple of years, the Twins and Gophers football team will vacate the Metrodome. And the Vikings perennially beg for a new home. The once-futuristic multiuse facility doesn't seem to be good enough for athletes anymore. Well, make that team athletes. Runners seem to like the Dome just fine. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening throughout the winter, the Dome's wide concourse serves as a utopia for everyone from the Minnesota Distance Running Association to recreational runners of all stripes. Gazelle-like marathoners, huffing joggers, and serious walkers circle the stadium, which is warm enough that some people go shirtless (a questionable decision for some) and without any worries about stinging wind or ice-glazed sidewalks. And since each lap is a formidable .4-mile, the Dome never gets that hamster-wheel feel that shorter and narrower tracks at gyms and rec centers frequently have.

Location Details

900 S. 5th St.
Minneapolis MN 55415


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