Brother Ali

The problem with writing about Brother Ali is that eventually you run out of things to say about him—and the reason is because there's already been plenty of other opportunities to point out how great he is. Since The Undisputed Truth was released just over a year ago, barely a month has gone by where Ali hasn't shown up at some gig or another—as a headliner or opening act or just special guest star—and, once again, reminded local rap fans (and national rap fans, and music geeks who hardly even keep track of hip hop) why he's been getting this kind of acclaim. His stage presence is monolithic, he's got a voice tailor-made for amping up crowds, and even when he's spitting rage-filled tirades against the government and/or MCs who can't measure up to his skill set, he's got a populist charisma that lets the whole crowd in on the party.


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