Lately, the Gay '90s feels more like the Trail of Terror—what lurks around the next dark turn? Sure, it's a cheap thrill, but Twin Cities queers who crave a different scene land at Jetset. While some competitors have come and gone, this unlikely, inconspicuous (but not necessarily unpretentious) gay bar has built a consistent clientele. After five years and an explosion of Vegas-inspired "VIP clubs," you still feel like Jetset is a little bit cooler than you. Here you'll find nary a rainbow flag, only minimalist warehouse decor: brick walls, slab-like furniture, and long, serene shelves of glowing bottles. The open floor plan enhances the girl- and boy-watching. The Jetset formula emphasizes less music-video sing-along and more classic cocktails with sultry DJ music (although the bar has recently begun offering karaoke night). And Jetset takes its cocktails very seriously. You want one of those blaze-red cosmopolitans? They don't make those. Do you prefer fresh-squeezed juice for your drink? You're in luck. Bartenders here can recommend and mix a library of libations, classic or contemporary. One more plus: It's a great place to bring a "gay-bar virgin."

Location Details

115 N. 1st St.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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