Each June in Minneapolis, folks of every sexual orientation and gender identity gather in sunny Loring Park in what has become the third-largest gay pride celebration in the country. Last year's festival drew nearly half a million people for two days of music and entertainment. The parade itself was watched by well over 100,000 spectators. It showcased marching organizations of every stripe, from Out Now! ("Queers out of the closet! U.S. out of Iraq!") to the Macalester College Pipe Band. Four stages featured high-quality local acts such as Sick of Sarah and Zibra Zibra, as well as national acts such as comedian Bruce Daniels. For those with kids in tow, gay-family-friendly attractions like mass commitment ceremonies and kid-oriented entertainment abound. This year's festival, with a three-day lead-up of art show, boat cruise, and picnic, promises to be even louder and prouder than '07's excellent bash.

Location Details

1382 Willow St.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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