Palmer's Bar

Palmer's. Walk into this West Bank dive bar and you'll encounter diversity on many levels: ethnicity, age, gender, income level, and personal disposition. You've got your bearded, bespectacled hipster brooding over his sketchpad near the back. See him? There's a jaded old woman sitting alone at a table and staring into her beer as if it were a crystal ball, trying to summon bygone memories. Over in the corner, a group of young Somali men stare up at the TV, stopping occasionally to rib one another. At the bar, a middle-aged insurance salesman jockeys for position with a swaggering frat rat. They both vie for the bartender's attention. And the bartender? A nine-foot-tall, dreadlocked Martian named Xeoff.

Location Details

500 S. Cedar Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55454


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