To call this place a dog park understates the spectacle. To call it a four-acre orgy of dog adventure is gross. Dogs nip and scratch at the fence, desperate to hit the wide, winding trail that passes through woods and ends at a beach on the riverbank. All kinds of projectiles are fetched by all kinds of dogs that also swim, wrestle, and soak the pant legs of their human counterparts, who eventually shake sand from their shoes and escort their jubilant hounds back up the trail to parked cars. The only catch: Posted signs warn visitors of break-ins. It seems the long stretch of curbside parking that runs parallel to Hiawatha Avenue is a mighty temptation for petty thieves. So remove the jewels from your glove box, know the crooks are on to your tuck-it-under-the-seat routine, and get your dog to that park.

Location Details

5399 S. Minnehaha Pk Drive
Minneapolis MN 55417


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