You know how you have that certain group of friends that gathers now and then, and although you're happy to see them, the evening always seems strained? Sure, everyone is excited to "go out" because that's what you always used to do, but it's not the same. Cure this sad social situation—and many others—with a dance extravaganza at the Front. Your host is the mildly eccentric DJ Dirty Duke, spinning a huge mix spanning all eras and genres. Yeah, it's dance pop. Forget the downtown vomitoriums and "VIP lounges." The Front offers a relaxed atmosphere in a chic, dark, newly redecorated club room. The two-level space features a big video screen, gargantuan chandelier, and, best of all, an utterly astonishing lack of attitude (disclaimer: lack of attitude does not necessarily apply to the staff). Friday and Saturday nights at the Front stand in sharp contrast to "the back" of the place. It's a bit strange to hear Michael Jackson or B.E.P. in a building best known for Bondage-a-Go-Go.

Location Details

15 NE Fourth St.
Minneapolis MN 55413


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