Soviet Panda may travel rather light, without vinyl crates to tote to his weekly residency at First Avenue's Too Much Love dance nights. But whether holier-than-thou crate diggers like it or not, the new millennium is upon us, and the title "disc jockey" now has a secondary definition. Soviet Panda's runaway success owes much to the fact that First Avenue has opened its doors to an 18-and-up crowd, and a few moments inside the decidedly adolescent TML will have the grownups snickering and shaking their heads all the way to the bar. But Too Much Love isn't just a clever title—it's an apt description of the flood of good will that overfills the city's biggest nightclub on a weekly basis, a flood powerful enough to drown even the staunchest of our inner wallflowers. Soviet Panda has an exhaustive playlist of soul, funk, and electro, and he seamlessly mixes everything into an alchemic solution infectious enough to make you forget that there isn't a single wax groove within miles. Your scorn for Ableton Live is unseemly in this modern age. Ones and Twos? Zeroes and Ones? It's all digits. Get to TML and get freaky.

Location Details

701 1st Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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