It's easy to be overwhelmed when you walk into this candy-cane-colored store full of new and used CDs in every imaginable genre. From punk to psychedelic to glam, from bubblegum to surf rock, Cheapo is likely to have something—often someone else's castoff—to suit your mood. Take a trip around the world browsing the store's international section, starting with the Far East sounds of Thailand and ending with the beats of African drums in Burundi. The store even has a large section of classical music. Buying CDs may seem outdated in today's world of MP3 players and iPods, but stores like Cheapo allow you to listen to an album as a whole, the way the artists intended their music to be heard. Face it, nothing sucks more than when some random, computer-generated song list follows Tupac with Clay Aiken. With prices around $9 a disk, Cheapo seems like a better alternative than a lawsuit for illegally downloading music. If you don't find what you need at the Uptown store, head over to St. Paul or Fridley, where other people's rent-paying junk just might be your good fortune.

Location Details

1300 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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