There is a theory in physics that says time moves slower for objects beneath the earth's surface. It's logical then that Ran-Ham Bowling Center is in a basement and therefore a little behind the times of the ultramodern bowling allies on the surface. Ran-Ham does not have "Cosmic Bowling," popular among trendier alleys. There is no state-of-the-art sound system thumping away with current dance hits. It's just not that kind of place. It's decorated with ancient beer signs and chipping paint. Its wood floor is worn from past generations, and nostalgia seems to be pumped through the vents. But don't mistake the subterranean lanes for "retro." This alley isn't posing as a throwback to a bygone era of tacky shoes and gaudy bowling balls. This is just the way Ran-Ham is. It's not for fashionable bowlers; it's an authentic bowling alley for those who enjoy a fun sport. Ran-Ham is an alley beneath the surface, an alley in the past.

Location Details

490 Hamline Ave. S
St Paul MN 55105


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