If you're lucky enough to find a seat at the bar in the often crowded Town Talk Diner, Nick may come over to take your order—or ask you to taste something. He tends bar at the popular south Minneapolis eatery, but the word "bartender" is a touch misleading; he's more of a cocktail chef. He takes time and care to craft original cocktails but is happy to mix a classic martini (he's not afraid to use vermouth!) or Manhattan as if he invented those, too. Not one to make haste, he'll spend time finding just the right ingredient to splash into a glass, whether that involves adding dill or basil, or sinking one of Town Talk's signature cognac-infused cherries to the depths of a lowball. Nick's knack for finding unique libation combinations will have you talking about cocktails right along with him. And Nick is happy to talk to you, in true bartender fashion. You'll find yourself returning frequently, having found a taste for Nick's cocktails, and possibly Nick himself.

Location Details

2707 1/2 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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