Sushi rises and falls based on the fish, and in terms of serving up some of the freshest, most vibrant eats in the Cities, Origami comes through again and again. That, however, is only half the battle. One of the real beauties of sushi (or, more broadly, fine Japanese dining in general) is the potential for the chef to connect with the customer through an order called "omakase"—literally, "trust the chef." Origami's ability to dazzle customers with an assortment of improvised creations highlighting the day's freshest and most interesting ingredients is nothing short of magical. Put in your request for omakase and wait for a tide of amuse bouches, hand rolls, nigiri, and other tidbits to roll out from behind the bar. If sushi's your thing—and why shouldn't it be?—Origami's your place.

Location Details

30 1st St. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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