China Jen

Xiao long bao, more commonly known in these parts as steamed soup dumplings, are arguably the world's perfect food. Prepared and served in a bamboo steamer, the small and fragile dumplings come with a filling—made of meat, veggies, or seafood—along with a wonton soup-like broth. The uninitiated may fail to find the perfection in this delicacy—or may even come to dislike and fear it—by virtue of eating it incorrectly. Because the dumpling contains soup, and because that soup is hot, biting into it haphazardly can result in either a mouth scalded by hot soup or a shirt dribbled with the same. Until the lawsuits start coming, we recommend China Jen, one of those gems hidden in an ugly suburban strip mall and savored by those who care to be in the know. Go for menu item A9—"Juicy Pork Dumplings."


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