Here's the problem with most steakhouses: how to choose. New York strip? Porterhouse? Filet mignon? Prime Rib? That's why Fogo de Chão, a churrascaria-style steakhouse, is great for commitment-phobes. Brazilian gaucho chefs dash around the room carrying giant skewers of flame-kissed meats; diners pay a flat fee for unlimited access to the meat parade, gained with a small paper disk—red on one side, green on the other—that signals to the gauchos whether they should stop. The price includes the chance to graze from Fogo's notoriously abundant salad bar (it's stocked with such gourmet goods as smoked salmon, prosciutto, and a wheel of Parmesan that could double as a car tire). While the gauchos serve lamb chops and chicken, they specialize in beef—everything from prime sirloin seasoned with sea salt and garlic to bacon-wrapped fillet. It's kind of like wine flights for meat. So next time you have to choose just one, at least you'll know what you like.

Location Details

645 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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