As a matter of course, you expect waiters and waitresses to at least feign enthusiasm for their place of work and the food that comes out of it. And as a matter of course, the reality tends to clock in somewhere between "phoned in" and "professionally committed." But at the Wayzata Eatery, everyone from the servers to the chef seems to be pretty damned enthusiastic. Interested in what's good? They've got a strong opinion. New to the restaurant? You may be pleasantly surprised to see a charmingly be-toqued Chef Matt Quist walking the floor, saying "Hi" to the folks and seeing how the food's going over. Incidentally, "quite well" seems to be the stock response; the food is creative and elegantly executed. And any place slinging something as creatively tasty as a mango chutney/egg salad naan sandwich ($7) is worth a visit.

Location Details

1179 Wayzata Blvd. E. Wayzata, MN
Wayzata MN 55391


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