Sea Salt

Sometimes you want your seafood served on fine china, gussied up with garnishes and sauce. And sometimes you want to eat it just like fresh-catch, pure and unadorned, shucked straight from the shell. When that's the case, head to Sea Salt, where the fish is as fine as if you'd just brought it off the boat. That's because the guys who select it, a couple of longtime Coastal Seafoods employees, are obsessed with the stuff—we're talking they-go-fishing-on-the-Mississippi-River-in-December obsessed. Their efforts, though, pay off on your plate, whether you're biting into a grilled marlin taco, a plump crab cake, or a crispy catfish po' boy. The best seats at Sea Salt are those out on the patio, within a stone's throw of Minnehaha Falls. When the weather is fine, a half-dozen oysters washed down with a pint of local beer is picnic perfection, for sure.

Location Details

4825 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55417


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