We know what you're thinking: Just as seeing one redwood tree is akin to seeing them all, and as surely as one mainstream politician is the same as all the rest, so are all samosas created equal. You are wrong. For proof, report to Hyderabad House, the unrepentantly humble spot on Central Avenue in northeast Minneapolis, and order yourself a samosa. Rather than receiving the traditional unwieldy ball of potatoey filling enclosed by a thick coating of fried dough, you'll be rewarded with a variant at once thinner, lighter, and crispier. Accompanied by a zingy, brick-red chutney, the samosa will, at the least, leave you craving seconds. At most, it will change your life: Empowered by your ability to embrace beauty, you'll be moved to chain yourself to a tree facing a bulldozer. You'll get fired up about a popular candidate with a message of hope. Either way, at a buck twenty-five a pop, what've you got to lose?

Location Details

1831 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis MN 55418


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