The neighborhood bistro

How would you like to have a restaurant around the corner from your house or apartment that served up sophisticated food? But didn't charge much for it? And let you eat anything from an after-work bar nosh to a fancy-ass celebratory meal with all the trimmings? In 2001, Barbette proved it could be done. Now a lot of places are lining up to take their own bites at the apple. From Café Maude (deviously delicious drinks and clever small plates) to Heidi's (a pheasant breast with an instant international rep) to Blackbird (comfort foods with a twist) to Café Ena (nuevo Latino with a wicked sense of style) to 128 Café (an eclectic menu featuring surprisingly good BBQ ribs), the neighborhood bistro is booming. This is one trend we'd like to celebrate again next year...and maybe again the year after that.


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