What makes a romantic evening? Hell, a bag full of White Castle sliders can do the trick if the stars are properly aligned, so it's impossible to say for certain. But some factors are virtually guaranteed to make a convivial evening. Chic sophistication is good, but you don't want a place that's imposing or uptight. You want the place to be busy, happy, active...but not crushed by a horde of people. An evocation of a romantic locale won't about Paris? You want affordable, accessible options—say, something chic but primal like frittes ($4 for lots, $6 for a giant pile) or a simple fondue. But you want to be able to step it up on a whim to a high level of sophistication...perhaps something like a risotto with duck confit, lemon, and thyme ($19). In short, you want to be at Barbette.

Location Details

1600 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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