Picnicking is a lost art these days. With people's frenetic schedules and fast food on every corner, the idea of a leisurely lunch in the out-of-doors has fallen out of fashion. But if you'd like to bring a little more romance to your weekends, we know the perfect spot to spread your blanket and rekindle the tradition. The relative seclusion of Hidden Falls Park, sheltered beneath the bluffs on the Mississippi's east bank in St. Paul, was made for a meal en plein air. At the park's north entrance, picnic benches and barbecue grills are scattered throughout the grounds, including several choice spots by the river's edge, plus a sheltered picnic area for unpredictable weather. The south entrance is more conducive to baskets and blankets, with even fewer people and a wide swath of lawn and shade trees. After lunch, take a barefoot stroll along the sandy beaches by the water, or venture into the nearby woods to search for the modest spring-fed waterfall that gave the park its name.

Location Details

1415 Mississippi River Blvd. S.
St. Paul MN 55116


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