What is it about gulping über-hoppy German bier out of a giant, boot-shaped glass that renders live polka music not just tolerable but enjoyable? Beats the hell out of us, but such is the magic of Oktoberfest at Gasthof zur Gemütlichkeit. For four weekends starting in late September, this Bavaria-style bar and eatery in Northeast amps up the Germanic fare with its take on the infamous Munich-based gala. A cavernous tent pitched in an adjacent parking lot houses festive beer-lovers clanging their frothy mugs among wooden picnic tables. Inside, patrons—yes, some wearing lederhosen—pack the place, whoop it up, and dance the night away to live polka music. In case you're wondering, "Gasthof" is German for "guesthouse," while "Gemütlichkeit" means a feeling of "coziness and pleasantness." Never is this name more apt than during Oktoberfest. Prost!

Location Details

2300 University Ave. NE
Minneapolis MN 55418


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