In a post-Starbucks world, flavored coffee drinks are usually just milkshakes in a coffee cup. If you pine for the days when the corner pharmacy made milkshakes in one corner and sold laxatives in the other, then surely you are glad to see this spinning top of a world turn in your favor. If you like coffee in your coffee, there is good news for you, too. The revolution is under way at the aptly named May Day Cafe. They have a caramel latte there that defies many layers of convention. For one thing, the caramel is homemade—it is not the "caramel syrup" that the milkshake-coffee chains favor. More important, perhaps, is the simple gesture the good people at May Day have made on behalf of coffee lovers: They've designed a flavored coffee drink that allows you to taste the "flavor" and the coffee. The caramel sort of hesitates on your tongue while the coffee slides by. Oh, and take this one sitting down—meaning this isn't a drink to slam in your car. Here's why: There is caramel at the bottom of that cup, and you are going to want it. Besides, May Day is as friendly a coffee shop as any in this town, and the eats are as good as the coffee. Still craving a milkshake? This is not your revolution.

Location Details

3440 Bloomington Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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