Dong Yang

Of course, we love King's Fine Korean in Fridley—who doesn't?—but when we want our kimchi a little more low-key, i.e. sans karaoke, we head up Central Avenue and stop at Dong Yang. Inside the massive Asian grocery, which sells everything from household furniture to gallon jars of Korea's national pickle, a small lunchroom in back is staffed by Korean women who will feed you like you're family. The ambiance is nothing fancy—order at the counter, find a seat at one of the food-court tables—but the food is flavor-packed, between the man doo dumplings, gal bi short ribs, thin-sliced bul go gi beef, grilled-to-golden ka ji mee fish, and the beloved bibimbap: meat, vegetables, and rice served in a hot stone pot with a raw egg cracked on top. Despite the no-frills digs, the array of panchan (a changing assortment of small side dishes) that accompany entrées is downright decadent: tasty bites of bean sprout, spicy potato salad, and pickled daikon radish that are good enough to inspire singing, microphone or not.

Location Details

735 45th Ave. NE
Columbia Heights MN 55421


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