There's something sad about a pale French fry. That little slice of potato was brought close to reaching its potential of crispy goodness, and then denied. Lost to incorrect oil temperature, overcrowding, or some other laziness in preparation, and often over-salted in a sad attempt to compensate for its limpness, a light-colored, sub-par fry is always a disappointment. For fries that will never let you down, look to Northeast's welcoming Red Stag Supper Club. The triple cooking of these starchy pleasures ensures a crisp, golden brown crust on each fry. The light parsley and garlic flavorings enhance but don't overpower the potato, which on the inside has an almost creamy consistency. It's been said that these over-sized fries resemble French toast sticks, and that's not off the mark—the potatoes' caramelized outer layers even have a little sweetness in them. But fast-food breakfast sticks never tasted this good. During a long winter that rendered some of us paler than the saddest-looking fry, these hot, nicely browned beauties provided much-needed comfort.

Location Details

509 1st Ave. NE
Minneapolis MN 55413


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