Baja Sol

The enjoyable act of eating free chips and salsa before a meal of Mexican food has never been so perfectly executed as at local chain Baja Sol. When giving away free chips and salsa, a restaurant really could get away with serving up some crappy chips from a bag and room-temperature Pace salsa. But Baja Sol puts a lot of pride in their chips and salsa. The all-you-can-eat (except, strangely, at Eden Prairie Center, where a strict one-dish limit is enforced) chips are cooked fresh throughout the day and kept warm for maximum tastiness. The thin, crunchy chips are never overly greasy, and since the cooks add just a hint of salt, they're delicious without salsa, too. But the real achievement of Baja Sol's chips is the salsa bar. They don't just have a basic sampling of hot, medium, and mild. They typically have half a dozen choices with various ingredients and flavors. During Christmas season, they'll even work up some cranberry relish to top your chips. It's free-chip heaven. Oh, and the entrées are good, too.

Location Details

Eden Prairie Shopping Center
Eden Prairie MN 55344


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