"Have you never tried my flan?" Alfonso Menendez asks incredulously. "No? Then you are in for a treat." And he ain't kidding. The owner of both Babalu and La Sirena Gorda obviously takes his flan just as seriously as he does the seafood for which his Midtown Global Market restaurant is more widely known. This is not the bready, eggy stuff you've had at other Mexican restaurants around town. No, this flan is a rich and creamy custard treat with just a hint of orange and caramel, chilled to the perfect temperature to cool your tongue after a spicy Mexican meal, and served inauspiciously in a paper basket with a plastic spoon. The only thing to complain about, really, is that it's served a bit smaller than most flan, which leaves us wanting more—but that would be true no matter the size.

Location Details

920 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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