Who doesn't want to learn how to prepare their own sushi? Besides offering the finest fresh fish selection in the Twin Cities area, Coastal Seafoods takes seafood lovers a step further, offering courses on selecting and preparing our favorite sea creatures. On any given Saturday a stream of steady customers stop by the swimming-pool-blue seafood shop on Minnehaha Avenue (and the location at Grand and Snelling in St. Paul). Inside, it feels more like Maine than Minneapolis, with a fishy aroma and an impressive glass case filled with raw, scaly, whole fish. Three times a day fresh fish from all over the world are delivered to the store. From opah fish to pargo snapper, salmon, marlin, and black cod, every day there's something different to try. Prices range from $7 to $30 a pound, with Monday through Thursday specials of 20 percent off on various items, well worth it considering the knowledge that comes with a purchase. Staff members at Coastal Seafoods are well versed in how to prepare and cook even the most obscure sea and fresh-water delights. The store has made it part of its mission keeping its customers informed. Sign up for the newsletter to receive fish facts or browse the various recipes posted in the store and online for something new. From caviar to cobia fillet, Coastal Seafoods brings the coast and all its tasty treats to you. They even deliver.

Location Details

2330 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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