When it comes to dim sum, here's a general rule: The best tiny tea snacks are served in the biggest rooms. In the Twin Cities, that means you head to Jun Bo, which seats about 400 people, where the crowds are as abundant as the dim sum assortment. Located in a former Chi-Chi's on I-494, everything at Jun Bo is red, from the bright-colored walls to the patterned carpet to the hostesses' crimson silk dresses. With a giant golden dragon and phoenix on the wall, the effect is something like an Asian Las Vegas. Dim sum is available from mid-morning to 11 p.m., and during peak times, servers circulate the room with more than 80 varieties of dim sum stacked neatly onto carts. That means shrimp dumplings, steamed pork buns, sesame-laced greens, fried taro cakes, and pristine white blocks of coconut milk gelatin. The offerings are as authentic as any you'd find in a world-class Chinatown, from the silken tofu dessert served with a sweet, clear syrup, to the chicken and duck feet. An average tab runs less than $15 a person, tax and gratuity included—a sure sign that it's the real deal.

Location Details

7717 S. Nicollet Ave.
Richfield MN 55423


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