Some may say that the bubble tea trend has hit its peak and will soon be forgotten like Pepsi Clear and Orbitz. Is it merely a trend? Hardly. True bubble tea fanatics will always have an insatiable thirst for the beverage they affectionately refer to as boba. Clueless as to what bubble tea is? Start with marble-sized black pearls of tapioca, add tea or a thick fruit smoothie mixture, top it off with a special-sized straw, and you've got yourself a highly addictive, sugar-loaded beverage that will keep you buzzing like a bumblebee for the rest of the day. The Tea Garden has an excellent selection of bubble teas. Though the menu may be intimidating at first, an experienced drinker or your tea barista can help out. Popular mixes include the lavender tea latte, almond cherry shakes, and the fruit shakes, which can be as exotic as star fruit or salted plum, or as safe as strawberry and banana.

Location Details

2601 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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