Yes, we're aware that Perkins has a smugness quotient that sets some people's molars grinding. And we wouldn't blame you for thinking that other sportscasters in town—earnest lug Randy Shaver at KARE, favorite-uncle Mark Rosen at WCCO, or studiously bland Rod Simons at KSTP—might actually know more about sports. But this is television, and encyclopedic knowledge isn't the point. The point is that out of all the local TV sports personalities, Perkins actually has a personality. He isn't afraid to be entertaining, even if that means acting like a complete doofus in his popular "Perk at Play" segments. Whether he's playing professional lacrosse with the Swarm, auditioning for the Timberwolves' dance team, or playing mud volleyball, Perkins is usually amusing and occasionally hilarious. It's not comedy gold, exactly, but in this category, comedy bronze is good enough for the win.

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8811 Olson Memorial Highway
Golden Valley MN 55427


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