Stand Up! Records

"We will only bring the best, funniest, and most thought-provoking in comedy to you," vows Stand Up! Records on its website. "It is time to leave the politically correct behind, to cast off the chains of hack comedy and laugh freely! It is now time to STAND UP!" Sound like delusional bombast? It's not. With a stable of funnymen and -women that includes Tom Rhodes, Lewis Black, Marc Maron, Rene Hicks, David Cross, Greg Proops, and Doug Stanhope, Stand Up! is hands-down the epicenter of American cerebral subversion. For seven years, Dan Schlissel, the amiable, burly founder of Stand Up!, has run the burgeoning label out of the basement of his home in Richfield. The timing of his entrance couldn't have been better: The unrelenting, inescapable absurdity of the George W. Bush presidency has thrust uncompromising, politically conscious comedy into the mainstream, and no other label in the country has captured the zeitgeist better than Stand Up!.


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