The Current 89.3 FM

Just like the food you eat, the music on a radio station should contain a healthy variety. Minnesota Public Radio's the Current offers a rich diet of local and new music, with a generous helping of important older songs, a range of styles, and no unhealthy commercial additives. The Current's main course is predominantly non-Top 40 rock from that seemingly indefinable genre of "indie" music. It also routinely dishes out the best up-and-comers on small labels unheard on almost all other radio stations in the Twin Cities. But Current DJs never fall into the trap of being so snobbish as to not play something simply because it is widely popular. The Current also serves up locally produced shows devoted to hip hop and Minnesota music. The Current's website makes the perfect dessert for its musical radio feast. It offers fresh podcasts, well-written blogs, and a daily free song download that's actually worth listening to.


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