This category doesn't denigrate for one moment the great efforts of local radio stations in showcasing local music, but as any artist will tell you, it's nice when the out-of-towners take notice. WFMU, the freewheeling Jersey City, New Jersey, freeform radio station has taken a liking to Twin Cities locals Michael Yonkers and Paul Metzger, featuring regular airplay and long in-station sets for both artists. Metzger even nabbed a spot on WFMU's first South by Southwest showcase, sharing the bill with the reunited British lo-fi legends the Homosexuals, Carla Bozulich's Evangelista, Half Japanese, the sunny Citay, and singer-songwriter Kelley Stoltz. But this support of Minnesota isn't anything new: Dig through the station's immense online archives and you'll find a recent blog posting on Gay Beast, vintage live sets by Lifter Puller and Sicbay, and local record labels such as Red House, De Stijl, and Roaratorio getting plenty of play. Scour the vintage playlists and you'll find Low and vintage Replacements and Hüsker Dü, but you'll also notice that DJ Joe Belock has a fondness for the Beatifics, and a couple of veterans DJs like to trot out 2i's sole LP from time to time.


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