Over the years, craft shows have lost the cozy, crafty coolness they once had. Afghan toilet-seat covers? Lame. Lace tablecloths? Eh. Footrests for your tired feet? Not unless you're approaching 60. That said, crafts have resurfaced over the years with a new, hip attitude—a resurgence of stitch 'n' bitch sessions, subversive seamstresses, and ironic aprons being a few examples. At Craft-o-Rama, the creative and craft-innovative converge in one awesome shopping experience. In the last three years, the biannual event has grown in participants and shoppers, and it recently moved to Midtown Global Market. Local artists peddle impossibly neat things, including rock-show print art by Amy Jo, fused glass jewelry by Pam Loudy, vegan purses and wallets, organic beauty products, coasters with artwork by Adam Turman, and much more. Sure, you're probably not shopping for a new tea cozy, but Grandma would still approve.

Location Details

920 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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