Dan Cole

One of the great tragedies of the local talk-radio landscape is that the two lunatic geniuses of the AM dial both work their pathos from noon to 2 p.m. weekdays. This means that in the unlikely event you're actually near a radio during the midday hours, you have to choose between the maniacal ramblings of Tommy Mischke and the droll tomfoolery of Dan Cole. It also means there's undoubtedly more dead air and missed commercial breaks during this span of 120 minutes than during all other hours of the day combined. For reasons that we can't back up with any scientifically valid theories, we usually find ourselves gravitating toward the Common Man during our lunch break. Cole's shtick just seems better suited to the daylight hours. It's also fitting that the self-proclaimed laziest man in broadcasting insists on eating his lunch while fulfilling his two hours of daily labor. Cole's preposterous opinions about professional sports, backed up by an endless arsenal of clichés, are particularly amusing when rubes who don't get the joke call in to express indignation at his lack of sound reasoning. In recent months Dan from Woodbury has added the NostraCommonus bit, in which the host predicts—based on a Byzantine array of factors known only to Cole—the outcomes of sporting events. But basically he's been recycling the same vapid jokes since he joined KFAN 16 years ago. Remarkably, this somehow makes the Common Man's send-up of sports-talk radio all the more hilarious.

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1600 Utica Ave. S
Minneapolis MN 55416


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