Picky Girl

Grand Avenue couture traditionally consists of Birkenstocks and rough-weave hemp burka-skirts, but last spring, the dowdy street got a shot of youthful style when Picky Girl opened. The boutique isn't big, but then it doesn't fill every inch of its space with designer denims. Instead, you get a carefully chosen selection of dresses, skirts, tees, and sweaters from brands like 213 Industries and Kenzie Girl. Picky Girl also has clothes that you can comfortably wear to work, without resembling one of those unfortunate young misses who thinks her office is the set of an MTV reality series. Picky Girl proprietor Elizabeth Varghese has a strong sense of what works on real, Midwestern bodies—and an instinctive understanding that flatlanders like to be able to pick up a wrap dress or a cardigan for less than $100.


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