Sometimes the only difference between "vintage" and "used" is a fistful of Hamiltons. Anyone who wants to look retro-stylish on the cheap should check out Ragstock's wares. Aside from being the go-to store for kitschy Halloween costumes (mix and match for extra postmodernism!), they've got plenty of stuff for every stripe of hipster (and hipster-hater): T-shirts emblazoned with everything from beer logos ("I play in a skuzzy garage-rock band") to airbrushed wolves ("I play in a skuzzy noise-rock band"), work shirts left behind by mysterious Dicks and Garys and Lindas, all kinds of Army (and Navy) surplus jackets, a veritable timeline of trousers ranging from purple flared cords to shredded stonewash, as well as all varieties of blazers, kimonos, golf shirts, baby doll dresses, bucket hats, baseball jerseys, and probably some vinyl hot pants if you look long enough. Since the most expensive stuff tends to run somewhere around $25, you can get a week's worth of outfits for a minimal amount of scratch.

Location Details

830 N. 7th St.
Minneapolis MN 55411


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