Lewis Pipe and Tobacco

Although he's settling into a new shop in the Rand Tower, tobacconist Rich Lewis upholds an age-old tradition. For 35 years he has been making his name both locally and nationally in the art of custom pipe making and repair. Old-school smokers may recall the tiny storefront on Nicollet Mall, where there was scarcely room to strike a match. In his new digs, Lewis has enough space to locate his workshop and retail operations at street level, which bodes well for tobacco enthusiasts. Pipe smokers can ogle the fancy hardware or simply load up on ballast. Cigar lovers will be spoiled by choices—Lewis is the only vendor in the state who caries the Davidoff line. Cigarette smokers are equally welcome—Lewis carries all the usual brands, plus specialties such as Nat Sherman and Djarum. Stop by and catch a whiff of how the other half lives.


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