So you want to reenact a scene from Quadrophenia but aren't sure what scooter shop is cool with Mods but also respected by Rockers? If you don't want to risk another Brighton Beach incident, go to Scooterville. Tucked away near the U of M, this funky shop sells and services scooters in a way that's so square it's hip. Owner Bob Hedstrom has combined his love of vintage Italian machines with modern offerings, like the ever-hip Stella or Buddy. Scooterville is fun and smart, not a high-rent, glass-front scooteria for neo-urban hipsters. You're just as likely to see motorcycles as scooters parked out front, because Scooterville is a moto-friendly shop for tire kickers and curious browsers alike. Scooterville also hosts a variety of scooter events, including portions of the infamous Twin Cities Motorscooter Rally.


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