Guitar Center

The sheer volume—pun intended—of gear here can be overwhelming, but each location has a quieter side. Roseville's gems are often vintage Gibson and Martin acoustic guitars, and the Edina location routinely houses very high-end, collectible Fender guitars. And unlike with some specialty shops, the Edina store hangs $5,000 Stratocasters within reach of the hand, if not the pocket book. Yes, they actually do "love it when you play the stuff." The surplus of keyboards, drums, pro audio, lighting, stage effects, and road gear can spark even the most casual player's rock 'n' roll fantasies. Dig deeper to find hammer-action, weighted-key electric pianos, MIDI controllers, mixing boards, condenser mics, and better prices on odds-and-ends than at the local butcher. DJs will find everything from prepackaged systems to high-end turntables and scratch cartridges. Aspiring traditionalists will find classical, jazz, and marching band instruments, accessories, and sheet music. This chain boasts low price guarantees, and has killer sales to boot. If you can't get it here, it's either a museum piece or a piece of junk.

Location Details

1641 County Road B2
Roseville MN 55113


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