Intoto is so fancy you have to ring a doorbell just to get in. But if you can afford to splurge, or are comfortable with debt accumulation, Intoto is the best spot in town for elegant casual men's clothes. You'll find clothes for first dates and trips to New York, clothes for dancing in clubs or shopping for beachfront property on Bali. The jeans here are so flattering, so transforming, that in defiance of generations of Midwestern wisdom, they justify their immoral price, which you will never speak of. The selection isn't huge, but it's the right stuff. If the New York Times says that horizontal-patterned crewnecks are in, you'll find a couple of perfect specimens here. The store's T-shirts, which start around $30, are softer than cotton has a right to be. You'll probably have to get a Visa loan of at least $300 for a pant-shirt combo (and if you want cashmere, you could easily drop a grand for the same), but if you stop in at the end of each season, when the discounts are deep and fortune smiles on the patient and oddly sized, you might score two outfits for the same price, plus a loud pair of Paul Smith socks.


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