As long as Seven Corners Hardware continues to stock 400 different kinds of screwdriver, the minions of the all-seeing Big Box are, in a word, screwed. A small-"s" staple in downtown St. Paul for more than 70 years, Seven Corners is the original warehouse superstore, with shelves and racks towering to the ceiling, proudly displaying every gizmo, doodad, and thingamabob you'll ever need. Want a hammer? Choose from 200 models. Looking for a power tool? Their second-floor showroom—home to 900 different routers, planers, gougers, cutters, smashers, and kablammers—is a torque orgy. Don't have any idea what you need? Talk to the employees. They're friendly, incredibly smart, and never too busy to enlighten. You'll be ready to kablam in no time.

Location Details

216 W. 7th St.
St. Paul MN 55102


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