Salon Stella

If Salon Stella were any more chilled out, it would have a nap room. As is, this corner shop in northeast Minneapolis has a funky old couch and a fridge stocked with complimentary Stella Artois. (Get it: They serve Stella at Stella.) Small talk here seems to be strictly optional, so there's no chatter to distract you from your head rub in the shampoo chair. But don't think the low-key vibe means that the salon's young proprietors—Carrie Nelson and Jamie Lowe—are slackers. They've put exacting effort into transforming this former piano showroom. Check out the mural of an 18-foot baby goat painted on the side of the stucco building! It's an atmosphere that attracts both the artsy crowd and ordinary civilians from this decidedly unpretentious neighborhood. Paying $45 for a cut may seem steep to barbershop regulars, but women have long paid a lot more for much less. At the end of your hour in the chair, this much is clear: Either these women are fine stylists, or their mirror is a compulsive liar.


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